A Little About Me:

I'm a Los Angeles native, art and basketball junkie. I've been artistically inclined for most of my life but didn't really take to painting seriously until a couple of years ago. Back in 2015, I was living in Tel Aviv, Israel playing professional basketball while working a full-time job for a marketing company. As the days went on, I gravitated more and more toward creating, specifically painting. It became my outlet from all the pressures that surrounded me. At that time I decided to leave life as an athlete, the only life I had ever known, and reinvent myself - To truly take my life into my own hands. As I kept painting, that process of creating art and embarking on that journey within was instrumental in helping me arrive at the decision to move in a different direction. Artistic creation put everything in perspective for me. I would sit and think of different compositions to paint, or they would just come to me throughout the day. I didn't realize it then, but that search for inspiration, that awareness brought so much happiness, pain, struggle, sadness, joy, hope, pretty much every emotion right to the forefront. It helped me see what is truly important to me and the direction I needed to go in. In a way, it released me to myself.

I'm now working by day for Dr. Goodpet, a company started by my father and grandfather back in 1984, one of the first companies to ever offer all-natural vitamins and homeopathic supplements for dogs and cats. Being a small company I'm involved in every facet of the business, Using a lot of what I learned from my time working in Israel. By night I switch gears and paint, evolve, grow and stay true to the inspiration that I feel throughout my days living in LA, the city I love. 

Why I Create:

My art is very existential with an aim to explore this life we're all experiencing together. To really dig deep and analyze our experiences and everything else in between. I'm searching, looking for the fundamental truth of an image and trying to not just send a message, but also convey a pure emotion as close to the way we feel it as i possibly can. The compositions that strike me throughout the day are always directly connected to life and what it means to be living. The perceived good, bad and ugly - There's beauty, emotion, drakness, light within all of it. Staying true to the essence of that spark, that feeling of inspiration I have, that we all have is my ultimate goal. To speak for those who maybe cannot speak themselves; To offer my take on things, kick-starting a new dialogue about art and what it means to be a feeling, loving, hating, living human being.

Continuous creation in any form of art, from painting to cooking or anything in between is a journey into that person's soul. My art explores what it means to be human. Describing how I truly feel through words has never been an easy thing for me to do. However, expressing myself through art has always been a way for me to more accurately articulate what it seemed like my words never could. I believe whether we create it or just connect with it, art sets us all free.